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How to Navigate an Organic vs. Paid Digital Strategy

Creative can be the X factor in a digital campaign’s success. It’s a balancing act. You don’t want your paid content to stick out like a sore thumb from your organic content. But top creative checks a lot of boxes to help influence campaign performance.

How to Navigate an Organic vs. Paid Digital Strategy2022-05-17T14:43:27-05:00

Healthcare Marketing Metrics That Matter

“How do you know your marketing is working?” Frankly, as marketing services professionals, we often hear this question. There is a perception that marketing is difficult to quantify … and that’s probably true, if the starting point for a campaign is something other than solid agreement regarding the objectives of the effort. After all, why spend Nickel One on any sort of marketing if you’re not expecting real results?

Healthcare Marketing Metrics That Matter2022-02-14T14:37:00-06:00

President Of MKR Agency Recognized For Leadership During Social Unrest

Peter Kim, president and chief creative officer at Mortenson Kim Raidious (MKR) marketing agency, is this year’s recipient of the Silver Medal Award from the American Advertising Federation Indianapolis, bestowed for creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern.

President Of MKR Agency Recognized For Leadership During Social Unrest2022-02-14T14:36:30-06:00

Empathetic Listening During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis offers important opportunities to connect with customers, clients and prospects — but any business communication with even a remote whiff of opportunism will be rightly perceived as ham-handed, and could leave lasting negative impressions. What’s a marketer to do during this extremely challenging time?

Empathetic Listening During COVID-192022-02-14T14:39:34-06:00
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