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Mass Audience

Mass Audience


MKR was brought in to plan and place omnichannel advertising to raise awareness and consideration among prospective undergraduates and their parents in highly targeted geographic markets. Along with billboard placements and local TV advertising, MKR recommended digital placements on YouTube and Spotify. Targeting was based on established lists and topic-related audiences for YouTube, and zip-code based targeting for Spotify in key markets.

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Addressable Audience

Addressable Audience


Another area in which we support Butler is in generating attendance at its on-campus ticketed entertainment events, performances, and lectures. Butler Arts Center hosts world-class performances at their Clowes Memorial Hall venue. Well-known entertainers are routinely greeted by packed auditoriums, but smaller performances like student plays historically tended to draw smaller crowds. Butler Arts’ previous agency struggled to drive traffic and conversions for less-popular shows on the ticket sales site, leaving many of Clowes’ 2,000 seats empty.


40% average YouTube view rate, $.03 cost-per-view

6x the average CTR for Spotify desktop display

98% completion rate on Spotify’s Audio Everywhere

16.8 million impressions overall

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