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Mass Audience

Mass Audience


We performed qualitative and quantitative research at the beginning of the program, and will continue longitudinally throughout. This approach allows for situational awareness of stakeholder interests, concerns, misperceptions, while identifying emerging issues.


MKR developed a new brand for the program — the Great Water Alliance (GWA).

The name, derived from the Algonquin word for Lake Michigan (michigami, or “great water”), conveys the magnitude of the undertaking while emphasizing the regional cooperation necessary to make it all work. Establishing a discrete and recognizable identity was a monumental step for this momentous program as it heads towards the finish line.

MKR - GWA Logo
MKR - GWA Brand materials
Addressable Audience

Addressable Audience


The complexity of the Great Water Alliance required MKR to build and maintain a website that reflects the lofty goals of the GWA while being the go-to information source for all questions and content throughout the length of the program.

MKR - GWA Website
Audience of One

Audience of One


The GWA’s communication pieces require tailoring to different audiences, addressing specific concerns and needs, writing for a varied knowledge base, and conveying important messages in a consistent, comprehensible manner.

MKR - GWA Pocket Card
Audience’s Audience

Audience’s Audience


The intricacies and tensions of a program like the Great Water Alliance necessitate a strategic, open-dialogue, communications approach. MKR’s intention is to raise and maintain awareness among all audiences, to inspire new audiences to join in, and to be responsive to all inquiries as they arise.

MKR - GWA Open House Material


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