There are more options than ever for patients when they go to choose a healthcare provider. The same goes for professionals looking for their next employer. Healthcare organizations seeking to attract the best talent can leverage social to run successful recruitment campaigns.

LinkedIn is a natural choice for courting highly trained candidates, but other channels like Twitter and Instagram shouldn’t be ignored. Healthcare providers should seek a platform that allows them to showcase their differentiators to stand out from the crowd.

For example, if you offer benefits like continued education, you can utilize social to share training seminars or stories of employees achieving certifications. Maybe you provide staff with opportunities to get involved in volunteering. If so, photos of those efforts can go a long way toward distinguishing yourself as an employer worth pursuing.

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For MKR’s client Community Health Network, that difference is patient-focused care. The network’s communications focus on bringing true value to the lives of their patients and the communities in which they operate at large. That message translates directly to Community’s recruitment channel, which exists separately from their patient-targeted handle.

Recruitment posts entice prospective employees with the real difference they can make in the lives of the people they care for. Open positions are positioned as opportunities to join a team that puts the patient first, which many current employees cited as their favorite part of working at Community.

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