Win Every Moment

MKR is a full-service agency built from the ground up to win every moment of your customer’s journey. With locations in Milwaukee and Indianapolis, we bring over 50 years of experience to our client brands, creating omnichannel marketing plans in today’s always-on, mobile and virtual age.


To understand what your customers need and how they feel, we see the opportunities for your brand in 4D: Delve, Discover, Direct, Deliver. It’s a process designed to bring order and focus to your marketing efforts, based on research and founded on the principles of change management.


Analyze and audit existing efforts and initiate both qualitative and quantitative research to inform our strategy.


Uncover key insights through objective testing, while analyzing all viable opportunities.


Challenge assumptions, plan internal socialization and build out the analytical framework.


Formulate strategic platforms and business plans. Deliver marketing plans and briefs, while guiding client management through the implementation.


Reaching your customer’s hearts and minds means we can make every moment of their journey a remarkable experience. Your brand promise can be brought to life in a meaningful way, through an insightful creative platform. This is the Source Code, and it’s incorporated into everything we do on your behalf. It empowers us to make bolder decisions because we know we’re saying the right thing to the right audience, at the right time.


Ever since marketers began describing the journey your customer takes, the preferred visualization has always been the trusty funnel. However, this process ignores the fact that a funnel works in a linear way, from top to bottom.

At MKR we recognize that it’s not as much a line, as it is a circle. Each time an audience member interacts with your brand is part of a cycle. And every point along that circle is a chance for you to win that moment, by delivering a remarkable experience, grounded in the Source Code.