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Is blogging still worth it in 2024?

Things move fast in the digital world we live in. Trends come and go in weeks, not years. How has this humble medium remained so relevant since they dropped the “we” from “weblog” in 1999? Let’s explore the staying power of the modern marketing blog.

The challenge

Here are some stats. On average, it takes 4 hours to craft a blog. And on average, readers spend 52 seconds consuming it. So, out of the over 600 million blogs in the world, how can you get an audience to spend that precious minute on yours?

A blog doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It should fit within your larger brand marketing efforts. And just like with your marketing efforts, it should be purposeful. What are your goals for having a blog? What do you want to get out of investing that time? Don’t blog just to blog.

The benefit

Is it even worth it? The short answer is yes. And the longer answer is hell yes. A 2022 study from HubSpot showed that businesses with blogs get 55% more website visitors than those without blogs. And in an industry where success is often measured in single digits, fifty-five percent is massive.

Blogs also supply more intangible benefits for your brand. They help establish you as a thought leader and expert in your industry. They keep your website supplied with fresh content. They reinforce brand messaging and help define your brand identity. You can also leverage blogs for content on your social media channels.

Plus, blogs allow you to take advantage of trends while the iron is still hot. As an incredibly flexible medium, your brand messaging can be nimble in ways impossible in more traditional media.

The verdict

Keep on bloggin’. It’s a relatively low-effort investment that can yield some pretty substantial rewards for your brand. And if you want to see how a blog can be done right, we’ve got the experts who can help. Let’s chat.