Whether it’s environmental conservation, DEI implementation, or overall product and service accessibility, Corporate Social Responsibility is relevant to every brand. But how do you take these efforts further by making your brand’s values known to the public? Through CSR marketing.

Transparent and socially relevant marketing — especially in diverse markets like healthcare — is vital to brand success. So where do you start?

Two people hugging at a Black Lives Matter protest

Responsibility carries weight

These days, corporate social responsibility messaging is beyond important — whether brands are putting specific budgets against it or not. People want to be associated with brands that share their values. We’ve even discussed this idea before in our cause-driven campaigns blog.

With healthcare, though, this goes a step further. Healthcare, and access to it, feels very much like a right. Regardless of who you are or where you live. Many medical facilities believe we should live in a society that operates under the assumption that everyone should receive equal medical treatment.

CSR messaging gives your brand a chance to talk about that. It opens the door to candid conversations about your brand’s beliefs — and what you’re willing to stand up for.

The why

On a technical level, Corporate Social Responsibility marketing helps you determine your target audience and gets your message out to the public. But let’s look below the surface.

Three core benefits are:

  1. Representation: Diverse, honest, and accessibility-focused messaging allows your audience to be seen. Which creates a welcoming and trusting atmosphere for your facility.
  2. Audience connection: Deep understanding of who your audience is forms trust and a genuine bond between you and your audience. It also proves why your service is relevant to them.
  3. Loyalty: In this case, loyalty goes both ways. Dedication to your values, audience, and cause shows you’re loyal to your word and to those who need your services. In turn, feeling heard and seen creates patient retention and brings in new patients.
People planting a tree

The how

The key to successful Corporate Social Responsibility marketing is authenticity. So before you dive into the concepting and creation of your campaigns, you need to know your brand’s value. And you need to be aware of your audience’s priorities, morals, and motivators. As long as a brand is being true to its values, the marketing is genuine, not performative.

CSR encourages ingenuity

Some of our favorite campaigns to create have been CSR-focused. The CSR campaign we created in 2021 with Community Health Network was such a joy to work on.

What made this campaign stand out was the human approach to the creative development process. Most health systems don’t typically produce these types of campaigns. Everything from casting actual caregivers and patients to actual caregivers singing “Stand by Me” while being filmed throughout Central Indiana spoke to the realness of our promise to provide exceptional care to all.

It isn’t every day that we get to create CSR campaigns, but when we do, we take immense pride in their development.

Interested in doing your own CSR marketing? We’d love to help.