MKR team members at a company outing

You can’t have breakthrough marketing ideas without an abundance of creativity and inspiration. But both of these tools can be quick to disappear. So what keeps our team from falling into a creative lull? Here’s a bit about how our MaKeRs stay motivated, inspired, and ready to push the bounds of advertising.

In our own words

Creative inspiration goes far beyond producing snappy copy or innovative design. It’s about the behind-the-scenes process of making sure every aspect of the agency is running smoothly.

Project Manager Genevieve Huntington finds inspiration in things that keep her engaged in her daily life. It’s what gets her out of bed every morning — anything that allows her to view the world in new, more colorful ways.

Similarly, Media and MarTech Manager, Kiyoka Yahaba mentioned, “In my line of work it’s easy to fall into a set way of doing things. I like to think that without inspiration, I wouldn’t grow as a professional or see what my true potential is. Creative inspiration allows me to break away from the confines of my comfort zone and explore uncharted territories both at work and in my personal life.”

As for myself, inspiration can come from anything that makes me feel. And feel deeply. This can go in any emotional direction, too. Whether it’s deep sadnesses, endless laughter, or an unsettling gut feeling — inspiration can come from it all. I like to take those emotions, pinpoint what exactly evoked those reactions, and figure out how I can turn those feelings into art.

Inspiration holds a unique meaning to each of us. It impacts us in different ways. But no matter what roles we play, it’s a vital part of our everyday processes.

Our MaKeRs’ muses

The world is full of inspiring experiences. Whether it’s the smell before an early morning rain, graffiti on the side of an idle train, or a delectable snack grabbed from the break room. You name it, inspiration can come from it.

At MKR, there’s an assortment of activities that get our MaKeRs motivated. So I asked around. Here’s a list of what gets our gears turning.

  • Plenty of sleep: With top-notch energy comes excellent strategizing.
  • A great playlist: From Pop Punk and Grunge to Indie, Classic Rock, or Motown, you can’t go wrong with the right, energizing tunes.
  • People-watching: There’s no better way to gain intel on human behavior, motives, and desires quite like being observant.
  • Taking a step into nature: Quiet time is a must, and getting outside allows all five of your senses to come alive and help clear your head. So lace up those walking shoes or grab your bike, and hit the trails.
  • Reading, reading, and more reading: Diving into the works of others exposes you to ideas you may never have thought of. Whether it’s writing style or unique themes, reading opens your mind to a whole new realm of creative potential.
  • Keeping good company: Bouncing concepts, chatting about life’s adventures, discussing pop culture, or simple conversation. Any moment involving communication with friends, family, or coworkers can spark the brightest ideas.
  • The human perspective: Knowing that the work we create helps other people is an inspiration and reward unlike any other.
MKR team members at a company outing

Advice from our team to yours

Anyone can get stuck in a rut. So, we’d like to provide you with some tips and tricks to spark your imagination and get you back in the spirit of creating.

  1. Tidy up your workspace. Not only does this keep your hands busy, it also allows your brain to wander and think freely. When your space is finally clean, you’ll surely find it easier to stay on task.
  2. Put the phone away. Although a lot of ideas can be sparked by ads you see while scrolling, it’s important to unplug. It’s so easy to get sucked into doom-scrolling. Instead, try moving your body — go for a walk, sit in a coffee shop, peruse a bookstore. Get up and get out.
  3. Journal it out. After you’ve touched some grass and breathed in fresh air, write down anything that made an impression on you. Big or small. These glimpses of life can spark endless creativity in the long run.
  4. Be silly. Not every idea has to be your best one yet. Don’t be afraid to get a little ridiculous — jot down “big-dream” concepts, crack jokes in brainstorming sessions, and let any and all ideas flow. It starts a conversation, and it gets people thinking.
  5. Look around. Inspiration is often subtle, unassuming, unexpected. So keep your eyes open. You never know when it might strike.

You won’t find a more inspired bunch than the go-getters at MKR. And we’d love to help you bring your big ideas to life. Come get inspired with us.