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Mass Audience

Mass Audience

To address the mass audience, MKR collaborated with our client to develop sophisticated audience personas to focus marketing efforts on precise unmet needs, pain points and other specific motivating factors within the larger target audience.

For this campaign, MKR developed and ran an omnichannel campaign delivering tailor-made content to three distinct personas throughout Central Indiana, based on their digital platform usage and traditional media consumption habits.

Given the client’s overarching strategic goals and business needs, we established the following objectives in considering the network’s mass audience:

  • Craft emotionally resonant storytelling and seat Community’s brand promise: Exceptional care. Simply delivered.
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Increase metrics on hard calls to action across the entire journey

MKR created and distributed content that was motivating, informative and representative of the genuine caring — and humanity of the experiences — that our client delivers every day.

“Maria’s Story” showcases the real world challenges people receiving a serious health diagnosis face every day. Through this emotive story, MKR helped Community demonstrate that their approach to simplifying the process can have a real impact on people’s lives.

Community Health Network billboard ad
Community Health Network billboard ad
Community Health Network billboard ad

“Exceptional care” is what Community does — “Simply delivered” is how they go about it. MKR is helping this premier healthcare system build a solid foundation on these tenets.

Addressable Audience

Addressable Audience

Monitoring & Moderation, Influencer, Email, Native, Inbound, etc.

Communicating with and influencing patient personas at each step of their journey involves understanding how that journey is built. We need to first understand what each persona is seeking, and then properly frame the information that will be most useful to them.

During this campaign’s second flight, we shifted our focus to video and brand awareness creative. We used a variety of executions (video, image, display, carousel) to harness the emotion of Community’s brand proposition. In doing so, we gained a more distinct picture of which network features resonated best with each persona.

A tight message matrix helped us reach the client’s key target audience personas using Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. MKR’s approach to channel differentiation and microtargeting led to a campaign that exceeded engagement goals — and it’s still climbing.

We continued to optimize and refine the campaign, and implemented retargeting as a means to close the loop with those personas seeking appointments as well as more “transactional” experiences.

Community Health Network ad shown on a smart phone
Community Health Network ad shown on and next to a computer monitor

MKR drives volume for Community by segmenting their audience and serving sub-groups with resonant messages at optimal times. Understanding the patient journey is the strategic centerpiece of the work we do.

In addition to carousel and banner ads that target patient segments, Community Health Network’s own employee choir provided a heartfelt backdrop for an element of this brand promise campaign. Singing “Stand by Me,” this internal amateur group added color and emotion to the story of Community and to the fabric of the campaign. Leveraging this unique resource didn’t just result in some inspired content — it was an inspiring internal rally to Community’s promise of “Exceptional care. Simply delivered.” Watch the video here.

MKR’s unique in-house content creation and distribution abilities were key to making this work. We quickly coordinated a unique song arrangement and rehearsals, directed a studio recording session and made the finished song available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play, Pandora and iTunes.

Audience of One

Audience of One

Optimization, Paid Social, White Papers, Landing Pages, etc.

Healthcare, ultimately, is an individual issue. As the process unfolds and patients discover or are made aware of their options for care, the patient moves through the mass audience and addressable audience phases of the journey. Inevitably, there comes a time when it’s just the patient and their situation — when a human being is an audience of one.

Much like in healthcare, the goal of marketing to an audience of one is patient comfort. The patient’s privacy and concerns must be honored as we empower them with information that helps them take the right step for their health.

For this phase of the brand awareness campaign, MKR addressed focus on the simplicity of getting care with Community. Paid social and search campaigns connected target audiences to services of interest — backed and proven by research — and encouraged specific actions. Meanwhile, a cohesive landing page kept “Exceptional care. Simply delivered.” and its meaning at the forefront.

Screenshot of Community Health Network website

Straightforward yet emotionally resonant messages provide Community’s “audience of one” with clear, useful information to make informed choices about the best decisions along their individual healthcare journey.

Audience’s Audience

Audience’s Audience

Public Relations, Influencers, Microsites, Blog Content, etc.

Community sought to amplify content and build more sustainable brand recognition. As a system with over 10,000 employees, they already had the elements for success in their back pocket.

By activating their employees, Community found an engaged audience to amplify content across their channels. MKR researched and recommended a platform with the potential to provide a long-standing employee advocacy and internal communications program.

The employee advocacy program started with a pilot group at Community. Participation was recognized through an already-established internal recognition and rewards program.

Seeing the results of a brand promise campaign is always rewarding, but the reactions from the passionate caregivers at Community Health Network made this effort doubly so. “Exceptional care. Simply delivered.” is felt by staff on every level of the network, through every service line they offer across Central Indiana. With this campaign, MKR and Community made sure patients don’t just feel that promise — they know it by heart.


78% increase in video views

10.5% lift in ad recall

156.25% increase in impressions YoY

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