Hoosier Lottery

A lottery for the People, by the people.

When people think of winning the lottery, an overall general image is formed: big houses, nice cars and fancy trips. If you were to ask an Indiana native what they would do if they won the lottery, responses would include filling their gas tank, prepping for a new child or even setting up college funds for their grandchildren. These are real people; these are Hoosiers.

While their state lottery was named after them, Hoosiers didn’t feel the
Hoosier Lottery reflected their values or their dreams. Only 35% of Hoosiers said the Lottery was for people like them. Few were playing the Lottery.

Hoosier Lottery - Out Of Home, billboard
Hoosier Lottery - Newspaper Ad

Mass Audience

MKR executed qualitative and quantitative research to uncover insights into motivations and barriers to hoosier Lottery participation by heavy users – and non-users. We uncovered some basic truths: we all have dreams, both big and small. The Lottery, which represents the people of Indiana, is the champion of Hoosier dreams.

From the small winners to the big ones, to the beneficiaries of the Lottery’s proceeds, the lottery makes life just a little better for Hoosiers. MKR transitioned the results from the research to create and execute a comprehensive brand strategy.

MKR - Hoosier Lottery - Charlie
MKR - Hoosier Lottery - Astra Theater

Addressable Audience

We used the research as a basis to create a new Hoosier Lottery – for the people, by the people. With a brand new look, the Hoosier Lottery didn’t tell Hoosiers how to dream, but encouraged them to express their dreams. A platform was provided for Hoosiers everywhere, from Alfordsville to Zanesville, to share what they’d do if they won the Hoosier Lottery.

Ongoing brand activation and storytelling via social channels helped to spread the new concept – The Hoosier Lottery is the champion of Hoosier dreams, big and small.

MKR - Hoosier Lottery - Jennifer Theater
Hoosier Lottery - Counter Display Mat
Hoosier Lottery - Window Cling

Audience’s Audience

Through YouTube, Facebook, and live casting events all throughout the state, real Hoosiers were able to share their dreams through their lottery. We created a new icon and a new motto, “Imagine That.” Out-of-home pieces showcased some examples of Hoosiers’ dreams, and videos showed interviews of Hoosiers telling their stories. This was utilized to increase awareness as well as encourage other Hoosiers to share their stories.

MKR - Hoosier Lottery - Imagine That



of Hoosiers said that the Lottery was for people like them, an 18% increase in just a few short months


growth in fans/followers of the brand


to 3rd. The Hoosier Lottery vaulted from the 33rd fastest growing lottery in the US to the Top 3.