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Mass Audience

Mass Audience


The average Lids customer purchases just one piece of merchandise per year. We need to continually be reaching new audiences, nurturing current loyal buyers while maintaining relevance. Lids’ strong in-house video content was the perfect way to bolster awareness efforts.

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Addressable Audience

Addressable Audience


Paid distribution requires audience insight. MKR executed a number of audience test and learn strategies to develop an in-depth understanding of the Lids customer. Utilizing website pixel audiences, lookalikes, and interest targeting, we determined when, where, and with what ad units Lids audiences engage and convert with best effectively.

Audience of One

Audience of One


Combined, the top-performing Lids audience changes per campaign — lookalike and interest audiences — enhance paid activity and overall brand growth. A “one size fits all” or “stick and forget” targeting approach is not effective, and we must continuously be testing new audiences across all campaigns. Reaching new users through lookalike and interest targeting we are continuously replenishing the website audience and pushing audiences through the purchase funnel.

Audience’s Audience

Audience’s Audience


Through listening streams, MKR was able to monitor for consumer communications, trending conversations and escalating news — even after “business” hours and on the weekends.


17% increase in ROAS*

40% improvement in CPC efficiency

55% increase in reach, at a 50% lower CPM

*Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): Revenue received for every advertising dollar spent. Example: 15 ROAS means $15 was made for every $1 spent on an ad source.

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