Michelob Golden Light


Michelob Golden Light is a premium cold-filtered draft beer with the exceptionally smooth taste of Minnesota.

After five years in the market, we were challenged to evolve the You’re Golden brand campaign in an effort to continue generating a renewed interest in the brand, especially among younger consumers and increase growth. Momentum towards evolving the You’re Golden campaign was fueled by focus group research, along with wholesaler input.

Research proved that our evolved concept needed to incorporate elements of place, aspiration, state of mind, fun and camaraderie, while highlighting values such as simplification and reconnection, encouraging people to focus on what matters most. What matters most varies dramatically across the diverse state of MN, but they’re all grounded in a unique ownable sense of place.

MGL You Are Here - TV

Mass Audience

The You Are Here campaign was designed to highlight the unique sense of place and relaxed fun that people experienced when engaging in activities that they would commonly associate with Michelob Golden Light.

This campaign was designed to be expansive from Out of Home messaging, display advertising, events in the community, radio spots, down to the tap handles in Minnesotans’ favorite bars.

MGL You Are Here - OOH
MGL You Are Here - OOH

Addressable Audience

A full social media campaign, coupled with point of customer marketing such as on-premise items in bars, allows for targeted messaging to specific audiences based on their interest profiles. More specifically, targeted messages result in more customer conversion.

MKR - MGL - You Are Here

Audience’s Audience

Activating the audience to share the Michelob Golden Light message to their respective audiences increases the reach of all messaging. Utilizing influencer marketing also allows the brand messaging to extend outside the on-channel audience.

MGL You Are Here - Social



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