Mammogram Motivation

Audience Challenge
Women 40+

Central Indiana-based Community Health Network wanted to encourage women to resume regular mammography screenings. Rising pandemic numbers were decreasing the number of women scheduling their annual self-care screenings. The campaign messaging focused on reassuring patients that it’s safe to come to sites of care for a screening mammogram while driving them to convenient scheduling options.


MKR’s approach for the women’s product line campaign leveraged the latest in breast imaging technology against a softer reassurance messaging, based on motivation by persona. The omni-channel media plan included print, radio, outdoor and digital ads. User journeys took screening mammogram patients from persona-targeted ads to online appointment scheduling options. This campaign allowed MKR to help Community encourage patients to get back into the routine of vital, annual health screenings.

Community Health Network - Mammogram Motivation Ad

Aligning Messaging with Core Audience Personas

  • Community Health Network was founded on the idea of individuals of a community coming together to address the health needs of the greater community.
  • Wrapping services — both medical and social — around the communities in which we live and work remains the bedrock of our brand promise.
Community Health Network Radio Spot

Increasing Appointment

MKR’s end-to-end campaign approach increased mammogram appointments at all Community locations compared to previous periods. The campaign also reminded more than 1.4M women who qualify for mammograms about the importance of life-saving preventative screenings, even during a pandemic.