Growing the right audience with specific targeting

When Mercer first approached MKR, the consulting giant had a problem common to many Fortune 500 companies — they did not have a cohesive digital strategy. With four distinct lines of business, Mercer did not have the horsepower to drive meaningful engagement from social channels and struggled in delivering considerable experience and intellectual capital to their owned media audience.

MKR was tasked with filling these strategic gaps and creating content for a niche professional audience that would not only drive audience growth and engagement, but increase lead generation via the brand’s social channels.

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MKR took up the challenge and approached Mercer’s content marketing challenges with a cohesive theme. MKR began broadening Mercer’s appeal by creating thematic content about workplace struggles and common HR program challenges. In this way, Mercer’s products and solutions were able to impress upon a wider professional audience.

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MKR connected broader schemas and content themes to Mercer’s solutions. The MKR scope of work entailed digital strategy, content creation, conversation monitoring and moderation, organic and paid content distribution, and performance analytics. MKR also assisted in the strategy, creation and management of the #WhenWomenThrive campaign, which features Mercer research and leadership in the field of workplace gender diversity.

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2015 was a breakout year for the social media program at Mercer. In 2016, the MKR and Mercer collaboration further activated the social audience, increasing amounts of web traffic and sales leads. The Mercer social audience grew to over 128,000 members, a 75% increase. Web visits also saw tremendous growth with a 90% increase. Social engagement grew to over 150k which represents a 168% increase.


Growth in social media audience


Increase in web visits


Increase in social engagement